• Chip Testing

    After manufacturing, electronic components are checked against many criteria and sorted out. Special test systems are often used, which are built especially for this purpose. However, sometimes there are special test cases, for which a flexible solution is demanded. The Infotech Component Matrix contains all necessary modules, which are used for such testing tasks. Normally, the actual test unit or test chamber is provided by specialized companies or by the customer. Infotech takes care of the reliable handling from the feeding of the untested parts to the test chamber and the sorting in the demanded output format. The integrated vision unit supports the localization and position detection of the parts. However, it can also take over the visual part inspection.

  • Power Module Testing

    Flyer - KGD-Tester
    Sample Video -  Testing

    A special form of tests can be found in power modules production. For static and dynamic tests as well as partial discharge tests to verify the isolation, special test devices and special test environments are needed. Along with generators that produce high voltages and currents.

    The test objects are moved into a test chamber, flooded with CO2, fed to the test system and con-nected to the test system over a contact unit. During the test procedure, the handling system can unload a second, already tested module and place it into the required output format.

  • Inspection

    Sorting is often accompanied by inspection and testing tasks. This includes the classic die sorting, where the chips are sorted into different output formats according to so-called bin classes based on a wafer map file or other characteristics.

    Optical and electrical inspection and sorting tasks are also frequently used to increase the quality in a production line. Especially in the production of power modules, partial discharge tests or known good device tests are indispensable to meet the high quality requirements.

    The test unit is usually provided by third party suppliers and integrated into a compact sorting system by Infotech. The flexible handling of the DUTs from feeding to testing and sorting into different output formats is our strength!

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