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    The deployed production cells are standardized to dimensions from 900 up to 2000 mm. They meet the demands of different production environments such as ESD and cleanroom conditions and are reduced project specific to a compact, economical form. The base of every system are cartesian portal modules as platform which can be combined with different head and table modules. Head configurations with up to six assembly heads enable a high throughput rate.

    The large flexibility, which our platforms offer, is supported by the in-house developed application software VisualLinesTM. Contained are different modules as order handling, program management, traceability functions and MES connection. According to customer requests and specifications the software can be adjusted with the needed components.

  • Handler/ Stack Manager

    Infotech's Stack Manager enables the loading and unloading of standardized workpiece carriers to/from a power module assembly line. It is basically configurable as a loading and/or unloading unit.

    When used as a loading unit, the stack of workpiece carriers that is manually loaded from the front is then moved to the stacking position where the individual trays are separated. The separated workpiece carriers are unloaded on the right or left side of the Stack Manager by a transfer line. The opposite method of operation is used for the application as a unloading module. Here, individual workpiece carriers are piled up to form a stack and discharged at the front.

    As an option two further width-adjustable transfer systems can be installed in the rear upper or lower area. These can be used as buffers or for the easy transfer of workpiece carriers. A flowbox can also be installed.

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