• Third-Party Processes

    If functions and processes from the Infotech Component Matrix are combined with those of third-party providers, we are acting in the classical field of special machinery. Our strength here remains that we can rely on our extensive experiences and existing solutions, in terms of axis control and integrated vision systems. The advantage of the integration density of manufacturing processes can hence be expanded significantly.

    Some examples of external include laser processing, pressing procedures, leakage testing and electrical or optical testing.

  • Special Cells

    Sometimes manufacturing processes are executed under a protective atmosphere. Therefore, special cell constructions, so-called glove boxes, which provide a pure and controlled process environment, are needed.
    All our modules can be integrated and operated in these special cells that are provided by third-party suppliers. In our standard cells of the IC-family, we can also create small, local inert gas or forming gas atmospheres.

  • Machines without Robot

    For applications, in which no robot is used for assembling or dispensing, we also offer solutions such as machines for casting, linking and sorting systems or loading and unloading systems for exotic assembly carriers or palettes, respectively.

  • Production Islands

    Single batch processes can be distributed to a few stations and operated autonomously. Besides the modules from our core competencies of assembling and dispensing, we are also delivering loading and unloading units so that a manufacturing process can be executed independently, regardless of its environment and in the smallest possible space.

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