• Sorting of Small Parts

    Sample Video - Small Parts

    Sorting tasks are widespread in all industries. Infotech has specialized on separating unorganized small parts in palettes as well as to move parts from one form of packaging to the other. A typical example for this is die sorting, in which microchips are ejected from a wafer and sorted into Waffle Trays or Gel-Packs based on their properties.

    The sorting of bulk parts into trays, palettes and blister tapes can also be provided.

  • Sorting Watch Parts

    Sample Video - Watch Industry

    In the watch industry, typically after galvanizing, injection moulding or cutting processes, many mechanical parts are put out as bulk goods. These parts can be automatically sorted and packed in palettes.

    The parts can also be visually checked and if needed, sorted out. In addition, pretreatment processes such as greasing can be combined with the sorting process.

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