• IP-500 Desktop Dispenser

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    The IP-500 Desktop Dispenser is a multifunctional dispensing system with a wide variety of application possibilities. It is highly suitable for precise dispense applications in laboratories, for prototypes and in the flexible production of small batches.

    The machine is delivered as a desktop model. It is equipped with linear axis, which can be positioned in a μm range. The speed of the axes is limited, so that the system can be run safely without a safety cover.

    In the base configuration, an internal time/pressure dispensing unit is included. At the dispensing axis, different dispensing valves can be equipped. The selection includes time/pressure, precision micro- screw, jet dispensing valves and piston valves from different manufacturers.

    The simple graphical user interface allows a fast and flexible creation of programs and dispensing patterns. Volume or weight based dispensing processes can be realized as easy as 3D structures.

    Further information about Infotech dispensing applications:
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  • IC Dispensing Cell

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    The robust and fast dispensing cell allows highly precise dispensing processes for the manufacturing of various products. The system can be run stand-alone as well as integrated in a line.

    Multiple axis can be autonomously used in parallel. A wide selection of dispensing valves from different manufacturers – time/pressure, precision micro-screw, jet dispense valves and piston valves – are ready to be mounted at the dispensing axis. . In combination with the integrated vision system, standard applications such as Underfill, Glob-Top or Conformal Coating are possible as well as complex 2D or 3D dispensing tasks.

    The IC-900 Dispensing Cell is designed for precise, reliable and safe dispensing processes.

    Further information about Infotech dispensing applications:
    Applications dispensing

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