• Sinterpaste jetting

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    Operating temperatures above 230 °C, life cycles of more than ten years and new applications such as electromobility or 5G technology pose new challenges for packaging technology in power electronics. Soldered connections are reaching their limits. Sintering offers a solution with excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and ensures optimal thermal management at elevated operating temperatures without compromising reliability.

    The Desktop Dispenser software, together with the integrated vision system, offers intuitive development of the dispensing parameters. These are stored in a library together with the dispensing medium, the dispensing technology and the respective dispensing pattern. They can be called up or further adapted in an application program at any time. The machine also allows customers to combine jetting of the sinter paste with pick and place of the chip on the same machine. The configuration and parameterization of the desktop machine can be transferred to an inline-capable manufacturing cell without any changes.

  • 3D Printing System

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    The fully automated system designed specifically for printing liquid materials and multi-material structures. Thanks to the parallel operation of several dispensing heads, different materials can be processed in one printing step. Complemented by DELO's high-performance epoxy resins, this enables the production of components with different physical property ranges.

    The core of the system is a special dispensing unit that can be equipped with up to three different dispensing valves. Depending on the properties of the pressure media and the structures to be dispensed, users can choose from a variety of established dispensing valves, such as jet valves, time-pressure valves, or screw dispensing systems. Each valve sits on a separate vertical axis. Since the dispensing heads can be operated in parallel, it is possible to combine different liquid materials in one printing process. Linear axes and integrated real-time control ensure maximum dispensing precision.

  • IP-500 Desktop Dispenser

    Flyer - Desktop Dispenser
    Applications dispensing

    The IP-500 Desktop Dispenser is a multifunctional dispensing system with a wide variety of application possibilities. It is highly suitable for precise dispense applications in laboratories, for prototypes and in the flexible production of small batches.
    The machine is delivered as a desktop model. It is equipped with linear axis, which can be positioned in a μm range. The speed of the axes is limited, so that the system can be run safely without a safety cover.

    In the base configuration, an internal time/pressure dispensing unit is included. At the dispensing axis, different dispensing valves can be equipped. The selection includes time/pressure, precision micro- screw, jet dispensing valves and piston valves from different manufacturers.
    The simple graphical user interface allows a fast and flexible creation of programs and dispensing patterns. Volume or weight based dispensing processes can be realized as easy as 3D structures.

  • IC Dispensing Cell

    Flyer - IC Dispensing Cell
    Applications dispensing

    The robust and fast dispensing cell allows highly precise dispensing processes for the manufacturing of various products. The system can be run stand-alone as well as integrated in a line.

    Multiple axis can be autonomously used in parallel. A wide selection of dispensing valves from different manufacturers – time/pressure, precision micro-screw, jet dispense valves and piston valves – are ready to be mounted at the dispensing axis. . In combination with the integrated vision system, standard applications such as Underfill, Glob-Top or Conformal Coating are possible as well as complex 2D or 3D dispensing tasks.

    The IC-900 Dispensing Cell is designed for precise, reliable and safe dispensing processes.

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