• Time/Pressure Dispensing

    Dispensing with a time/pressure system is probably the most common procedure to apply oils and greases, flux, solder resists, epoxy resins, UV adhesive, conductive silver adhesive and solder pastes, coating compounds and many other materials such as lacquer or paint for markings.

    The cartridge pressure and the process parameters are controlled by the machine software and synchronized with the axis movements. The advantage of this configuration is the flexibility and vision based process surveillance. Both time and pressure can be controlled directly by Infotech's own application software VisualMachinesTM which makes it possible to automatically correct the variation of viscosity.

    The pressure valve is mounted in the robot head closely to the cartridge.

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  • 3D-Dispensing

    Sample Video - 3D Printing System

    Thanks to the real-time control, synchronized axis movements in the three-dimensional space are possible. This is a requirement for real 3D dispensing processes. The application software VisualMachinesTM, developed by Infotech, supports the programmer during the creation of any desired 3D dispensing patterns as well as built up shapes layer by layer with or without filling structures. 2.5D support structures for medical technology, conductor tracks made of conductive ink on 3D-MID carriers and the application of epoxy resins on rotation-symmetric assemblies are typical applications.

    Thereby every possible dispensing technique can be used: time/pressure, screw, jet, piston, etc.

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  • Volumetric Dispensing

    As a volumetric dispensing procedure, we often use the precision screw dispensing unit. This is suitable for the dispensing of media with fillers such as conductive adhesive or solder paste.

    The drive of the screw dispensing unit is permanently monitored, so that dispensing patterns and axis movements can be synchronized with the rotation of the screw. The unit is built very lean. Therefore, even the tightest places of a workpiece can be reached. If there are multiple dispensing axes in operation, the screw dispenser can be combined with other dispensing systems. Hence, it is for instance possible to lay a dam with the screw, which is afterwards filled by the jetter.

    The screw dispensing unit is automatically calibrated on all of our machines. With the integrated vision system, the dispensing result can additionally be rated qualitatively and quantitatively.

    As an alternative to the screw dispensing unit, piston dispensing systems can also be used.

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  • Jet Dispensing

    Jet dispensing enjoys ever-increasing popularity as a contactless dispensing procedure. This is reflected in the broad variety of jet dispensing valve providers.

    The machines of Infotech support the use of jet dispensing systems of Nordson Liquidyn, Nordson Picodos, PicoPulse, Vermes, Musashi and Delo. We make sure that the jet dispensing is automatable in manufacturing. Various modules from the Component Matrix provide the possibility that the dispensing valves can be cleaned, run-in and calibrated automatically and at any point of time during the process. Together with the fully integrated vision system, the dispensing result can be rated regularly and if needed the dispensing parameters can be dynamically adjusted.

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  • Stamping/Dipping

    The stamping or technically correct term pin print transfer is in the broadest sense also a dispensing process in which smallest dots of adhesive, conductive adhesive or solder paste can be applied with the use of stamping tools. In the simpler case, a component can also be dipped directly into a bed of flux, for example, to wet the contacts.

    Depending on the application, the flexible Linear Fluxer, which can be equipped with several different cavities if required, or the fast rotary fluxer, which is optimized for the production of large quantities, can be used.

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