• Overview

    Flyer - Component Matrix

    Table peripherals are all the machine modules which are not moved within the working space such as the fluxer shown in the picture. All table modules are application specifically arranged in the travel range of the robot head so that the available space is optimally exploited.

    Other table peripherals include up looking camera and height measurement systems, calibration and cleaning units, conveyors and shuttles, loading/unloading units, substrate holders and many more.

  • Complexity

    Flyer - Component Matrix

    On the one hand, fast processes require short travel distances and, on the other hand, the possibility to realize multiple process steps in the smallest space possible is required. Our table modules are not only very reliable but are also extremely compact.

    All motorized table modules are driven by a real-time control over closed loops. Therefore, manufacturing processes can be strongly parallelized and unnecessary idle times can be avoided.

  • 3D-Processes

    Flyer - Component Matrix

    The degrees of freedom of our table peripherals is not limited to the two-dimensional space. On the contrary, work pieces such as 3D-MID assemblies can be turned in any position to be dispensed or assembled.
    3D processes also include the random turning, flipping and rotating of workpieces to apply an adhesive bead all around.

  • Leveling

    Flyer - Component Matrix

    In many applications in microelectronic and semiconductor technology, it is essential that parts are absolutely plane-parallel to the substrate. Among our table peripherals, you will find a variety of modules, which automatically align the head layer plane-parallel to the substrate layer. Typical applications are the Eutectic bonding of VCSEL diodes on their submount or in general, the assembly of large semiconductor chips such as image sensors in their package.

  • Autonomy

    Flyer - Component Matrix

    To increase the autonomy of our machines, many of our table peripherals have been developed for cleaning, calibration, process control or for an automated tool change (example in the photo). The Infotech Component Matrix supports the philosophy that a machine operator is not allowed to have any influence on the process quality. This means, the process relevant functions have to be automated and self-controlled for a period, which is as long as possible.

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