• Hybrid Bonder

    Flyer - Die / Hybrid Bonder
    Sample Video - Hybrid Bonder

    In the world of microelectronics the areas of bonding and SMD assembly are merging more and more. Infotech responds to this with the Hybrid Bonder, which is used to eject and picks up bare dice directly from the wafer and also picks up any packaged or non-packaged components from tapes, waffle trays, Gel-Paks® or other feed forms.

    Like all other Infotech machines, the Hybrid Bonder combines bonding or pick and place tasks with dispensing processes or other functions.

  • Die Bonder

    Flyer- Die / Hybrid Bonder
    Applications - Die Bonding 

    In contrast to classical diebonding, the universally configurable Infotech Die Bonder offers a professional solution for demanding processes with difficult components and materials and for a vast variety of assembly and joining techniques.

    Semiconductor chips such as ASICs, IGBTs, laser diodes, photonic devices, sensors, detectors, MEMS, image sensors, etc. are ejected directly from the wafer, picked, aligned and bonded on the substrate.

    The bonding techniques include classical die bonding with epoxy, conductive adhesive or anisotropic conductive film/adhesive, flip-chip bonding, eutectic bonding, thermocompression bonding, ultrasonic bonding and sinter bonding.

    The chips can be mounted on ceramic substrates, printed circuit boards, submounts, foils or other carriers as well as directly on wafers (chip-on-wafer), on other chips (chip-on-chip), or on other package forms.

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