• Packing in Waffle Packs

    In many applications, parts are supplied in 2" or 4" waffle packs. Usually, the supplier delivers the parts already in this packaging form. However, in cases where this is not possible or for suppliers of sensors, semiconductor chips, watch parts, etc., Infotech offers a standardized packaging machine.

    For instance, parts can be sorted directly from wafer, into different Waffle Packs or Gel PaksĀ® based on determined quality classes.

  • Packing in Jedec-Trays

    Sample Video - Trays

    Besides the common waffle packs, parts can also be sorted and packed into JEDEC trays. The feeding of unsorted parts is often done by bulk goods feeders or from wafers. With stack tray feeders for JEDEC Trays, the autonomy of a stand-alone packaging machine is ensured for many hours at a time.
  • Packing in Blister Tapes

    In machines with a high level of automation, parts are often supplied in blister tapes or reels. Microelectronic components have been supplied and delivered in tapes for decades. In other sectors, for example the watch industry, the feeding with blister tapes is not yet established.

    For these situations, Infotech offers a fully automated taping machine with bulk goods feeder, vision recognition unit, sorting robot and hot-seal unit. Before the taping, the parts can be visually inspected or controlled in other ways. A specialty of the taping machine is the possibility to grease mechanical parts before taping.

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