• IC Cells

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    The IC-Cell Family has been developed for high quality, safe and reliable manufacturing processes. A robust base paired with a massive machine baseplate provides the basis for highly precise and dynamic applications with our IP-Robot Platforms and the Infotech Component Matrix.

    The cells are cleanroom compatible and provide all-around ESD-protection. They can be used as a single cell as well as in a line, connected through a SMEMA interface.

    The access to the workspace from the front side is provided through a roll-up door. A control panel consisting of a screen, keyboard, touch-panel and status light represents the user interface. If needed, additional peripherals such as deadman switch, barcode scanner, etc. can be made available, too.

  • IP-100 Platform

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    The smallest representative of the IP-Family is preferred for processes which demand only a small travel range. Equipped with linear axes, the IP-100 is used as a feeder to the larger main-portals IP-520 or IP-620, respectively. For sorting processes, parts handling or for simple assembly processes, the IP-100 provides reliable results with the usual high precision while taking only a minimum amount of space.

    Built in an Infotech Cell, up to six IP-100 portals can be run autonomously.

    Travel range:
    Varies from 93 mm x 440 mm to 148 mm x 680 mm

  • IP-500 Desktop Platform

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    The IP-500 platform is best suited for precise automation processes with limited production volumes. Thanks to linear axes, the portal is practically maintenance-free and allows the user the execution of highly precise assembly and dispensing processes without high investment costs.

    As an extension of the desktop model, the IP-500 is installed in a cell. Therefore, the portal can be safely used with higher speeds. Additionally, it can be extended with feeding systems such as conveyors, vibratory feeders or stackers for pallets and trays.

    Travel range:
    400 mm x 400 mm

  • IP-520 Platform

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    The IP-520 is considered as the "mother" of all the Infotech portals. In the Y-direction, it is equipped with two parallel working linear axes, which allows highly precise processes at high speed.

    The basic portal can be equipped with a variety of modules from the proven Infotech Component Matrix. The focus is on assembly processes, dispensing processes and both processes in combination.

    Usually the IP-520 is built in a stable Infotech Cell and is offered as a compact solution for a specific task. However, a manufacturing process based on the IP-520 can also be integrated in an existing production line of a customer or integrator and interlinked with the up and downstream process steps.

    Travel range:
    Varies from 210 mm x 400 mm to 540 mm x 400 mm

  • IP-620 Platform

    Flyer - Component Matrix

    For applications with large assemblies or wafers, Infotech is offering the IP-620 platform. This platform is equipped with two parallel working linear axes, which provides highly precise processes at high speed.

    The IP-620 can be equipped with all of the modules of the proven Infotech Component Matrix. The platform is designed for applications in power module production, where both picking from wafer and placing in large oven carriers is essential. With its dimensions, the IP-620 fits in an IC-1200 cell or an equivalent housing provided by the customer or integrator.

    Travel range:
    Varies from 210 mm x 540 mm to 540 mm x 620 mm

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