• Sinter Bonder

    Flyer - Sinter Bonder
    Applications - Power Module Production

    The sinter bonder fulfills die attach requirements for power electronics exceeding standard die bonder capabilities from laboratory (batch processing) up to series production as fully automated inline system.

    The highly flexible die bonder is equipped with sintering process specific components out of Infotech`s component matrix. Heated bond head with high force capabilities, substrate pre-heater and heater station with integrated force measurement, DTF feeder and more are part of the Infotech sinter bonder.

    For larger die sizes, the sinter bonder pre-sinters (tacks) the die onto the DBC (substrate) where a sinter press performs the final sinter process. For smaller dies e.g. LED’s the sinter bonder can completely sinter the LED onto the substrate.

  • Power Module Die Bonder

    Flyer - Power Module
    Applications - Power Module Production

    In contrast to classical die bonding, power module manufacturing has special requirements. In general, power MOSFET's, IGBT's and diodes are ejected from the wafer and placed on a DBC substrate supplied in large workpiece carriers. The Infotech Power Module Die Bonder has the advantage of a big work area, which allows placing the products directly onto the workpiece carrier of the vacuum oven, without reloading the substrates.
    Moreover, solder preforms can be fed to the machine directly from reel and then cut and placed.

    To fix the power semiconductor, either a bonding agent can be dispensed or a graphite jig or other weights could be automatically put on top of the assembly.

  • Desktop Sinter Bonder

    Flyer - Sinter Bonder
    Applications - Power Module Production

    The desktop sinter bonder dedicated for presinter- and sinter applications with wide open application range for manual, semi automated or fully automated operations.

    The Lab solution to develop pre-sinter processes with production equivalent process peripherals – for initial series production where the process parameters can be merged into the final production line solution.

    Out of Infotech’s component matrix the system is equipped with sintering process specific components, i.e. heated bond head with high force capabilities, heated substrate holder plate with manual tilt adjustment and integrated force sensing table, two heated bond heads and more.

  • Preforms Assembler

    Applications - Power Module Production

    Solder preforms are often used in power semiconductor modules or in sensors manufacturing to avoid the application of flux.

    Infotech offers the feeding and processing possibility of solder preforms from a reel instead of precut preforms in waffle trays. The standard Preforms Assembler can be equipped with up to four feeders, which are able to cut different widths of preforms in the required length directly on the machine. These preforms can afterwards be picked and placed precisely with up to four assembly heads. With the vision system, each step of the process can be monitored and controlled.
    The feeders are exchangeable while the assembler is in operation. On an external setup station, they are prepared for the next use.


  • Pin Attacher

    Flyer - Pin Attacher
    Applications - Power Module Production

    The Pin Attacher fulfills the pin insert requirements for power electronic modules on DBC- and on module-level. Different type of pins are supported which can be feed in loose form. The pins are flipped into the corrected vertical orientation and inserted into pin housing using force control processes. The force profile is logged per pin and can be available as part of the traceability data. Up to six heads are working in parallel.

  • Production Lines

    Flyer - Power Module
    Applications - Power Module Production

    In the field of Power Module Production Infotech offers solutions for separate processes, complete production cells or entire production lines. Variable transport systems enable the processing of customer specific work piece carrier with a width up to 330 mm and are therefore compatible with oversized vacuum soldering systems. The work piece carrier can be returned within the production line and circulate autonomously through the process steps “assembling”, “soldering” and “unloading”.

  • KGD Tester

    Flyer - KGD Tester
    Applications - Power Module Production

    KGD tests cause specific electrical, mechanical and physical challenges. CREA and Infotech started a
    collaboration to create an all in one solution.
    Each company is deeply specialized in their own field. This collaboration results in a successful, groundbreaking test station. Difficulties for customers as integration and finding the right sub-suppliers are smoothly solved with the KGD testing line and the “limits of testing” are pushed a bit further.

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