• Palettes

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    In many applications, assemblies and workpieces are provided in palettes and trays. Infotech has developed and produced loading and unloading systems for all possible formats of pallets such as 2" or 4" Waffle Trays, JEDEC Trays and many others. The palettes can be destacked on a conveyor as well as moved directly from a stack to a centering station.

    The handling of palettes is extremely smooth and shock-free, which guarantees the best possible protection of the content from damage and loss.

  • Preforms

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    In flux free joining processes, solder preforms are used instead of solder paste. The preforms are fed to the machine on reel and cut directly to the right length before being picked and placed. This saves an additional work step, where the cut pieces have to be transposed in trays beforehand.

    The preform feeder can be changed without opening the machine door. It is prepared on an external setup station with new material for its next use.

    It is possible to feed and cut preform tapes with a width of 2 mm up to 26 mm. The cutting accuracy typically is below 70 µm @ 3σ.

  • Blister Trays

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    Bulky parts such as watchcases or plastic injection moulding pieces are fed to the machine in stackable blister trays via the stack tray feeder. The unit contains two stacks, one to destack the full blister trays/palettes and one to restack the empty ones.

    The order can be changed, depending on whether the feeder is used to load or unload parts. The handling of blister trays is absolutely smooth and shock-free, which guarantees the best possible protection of the content from damage and loss.
    We adapt our feeder to the desired format, size and orientation of the blister tray.

  • Bulk Good

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    For small parts, that come in bulk packaging we offer various vibrating systems, typically piezo powered, intelligent bulk good feeders which treat the parts very carefully. Vibratory movements are only executed when no valid parts are available. The feeding of bulk good is always supported by an integrated vision system which is able to check the availability and the correct position of parts. In the same step, the vision system can perform a quality inspection.

    In comparison to the common feeder bowls, the combination feeder – camera – assembly head is very flexible and well suited for nearly all small parts with all possible designs.

  • Large Formats

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    Large format workpiece carriers are often used in connection with manufacturing lines which also include ovens. To avoid repacking assemblies from the common small carrier formats into the large oven carriers, the oven carriers can be handled on Infotech machines. They can be loaded to or unloaded from stack as well as passed through the machine with a conveyor.

  • Exotic Formats

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    For odd-shaped, exotic trays or carrier formats for which there is no standard feeding system available, we offer customer specific solutions. This enables for example, preheating on the way to the process station or exposure with UV light on the ouput conveyor after adhesive dispensing processes.

    Special loading and unloading units, built as add-on devices are also part of our offering. Our engineers and software developers are looking forward to provide solutions for your tasks.

  • Wafer

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    As a special type of feeding for semiconductor and microelectronic applications, Infotech offers multiple variants of the wafer handling system. The wafer with sawn dies mounted on adhesive foil is fed to the machine on a fully-automated or semi-automated basis. The wafer is located, aligned in rotation and if needed stretched. Different frame types such as Disco, K&S or ER expansion rings up to 12 Inches are supported.

    The dies are normally ejected from the adhesive foil by an appropriate tool as well as picked and placed by one or multiple assembly heads. This ejection unit can be optionally equipped with a pepper pot changing system. By default, dies with an edge length above 0.2 mm can be reliably fed and picked.

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