As countries work to slow down the spread of the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, Infotech is following the guidelines of the Swiss authorities.

Both our major concerns and priotities are to ensure the safety of our employees and their families, while continuing to provide a high-level technical support to our customers and partners.

Due to the current worldwide situation, we have decided to comply with the following measures:

Regarding face-to-face meetings, internally we have limited meetings greatly and continue to keep them at a bare minimum. As for external parties such as customers, partners or suppliers meetings are also kept to an absolute to a bare minimum.  Meanwhile, we recommend holding virtual meetings whenever possible.

Our team is currently only traveling if the following conditions are met by the host (country):

The related task cannot be resolved by remote access.

The risk of infection at the host is smaller or equal to the risk of infection at the headquarters in Solothurn (Switzerland).

The host country is not listed as a state or area with an increased risk of infection by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.

The host provides an invitation, including the local restrictions/regulations related to SARS-CoV-2 and ensuring easy passage of boarders.

Otherwise, we are currently operating on a ‘business as usual’ basis. We continue to work hard to  guarantee the fulfillment of our commitments to our customers and partners. However, please do plan on the possibility of slight delays in project timelines. We would greatly appreciate your understanding for our current situation and the limitations we are presented with during these unusual worldwide developments and wish you the very best for your health!

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